Category: Spot, Press Type Welders

15 KVA Unitek Miyachi #9-030-01-01, automated 6 station pin/spot welder



Allen Bradley PLX Micrologix 1200 Spot welder. Miyachi Unitek 15KVA 300v 1000hz 133amp. Cat XII-4000. Miyachi unitek 2khz hi frequency inverter welding control. Seals ultra capacitor after being filled with electro light to provide hermetic seal. Unit has a 2 KW power supply (resistant type welder). Has six station indexer and 2 pick and place units. Miyachi Unitek 2kHz high frequency inverter welding control box with wels sentry installed model 9-030-03-01. 300 volts and 1000 Hz. Rodix feeder cube switch box (grey metal) with on and off switch. Unit is on top of production bench blue metal with white counter top.

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